Are you standing in your own way?

Most of us are the real reason why we are not living the life of freedom that we have always desired.

Not anymore.

Welcome to your future. This is the first step in your journey to becoming emotionally and financially free, whilst living the life that you truly desire. 


If you feel like there is a piece missing in your life, something holding you back and are hungry to make the change that will fulfil you, you are in the right place.

We help tastemakers, holistic entrepreneurs and heart centred businesses of the future transform from fearful, uncertain and insecure into being assured, successful people, connected with your highest potential and ready to live the abundant life that is your birthright. 

When you can travel again will you choose to stay chained to your old life or will you make the choice to do what truly makes you happy?

When you can travel again where do you want to be spending your time?


The biggest mistake that most people make is to think that they don't have a choice about how to live their life. 

They get stuck in a neverending cycle of work, debt, obligations. Constantly busy, constantly distracted, constantly comparing ourselves to everyone else. 

Newsflash! Your reality is shaped by your thoughts and your actions so if you want to make a difference you need to shift your mindset and step beyond the limiting beliefs that have been standing in your way for your whole life.

Your Transformation

  • Live your life in line with your highest purpose.
  • Discover that you are infinitely powerful and connected. 
  • Make money doing what you truly love doing.
  • Release the limiting beliefs and fears that have been holding you back.
  • Feel a sense of peace and connection.
  • Co-create your next step in line with the universe.
  • Set and achieve your biggest goals.
  • Learn techniques used by big name celebrities and 7 figure entrepreneurs. 
  • Finally manifest the life that you thought was just a distant dream.

This is for you if you:

  • Are at a crossroads in your life.
  • Are comfortable but unsatisfied.
  • Are ready to take action to make a change.
  • Are open to new ways of thinking which could shatter your current beliefs
  • Are excited to learn
  • Are passionate and dedicated to discovering your true purpose.
  • Are hungry for change
  • Are excited but a little bit scared.
  • Know that you need to face some fears in order to get to where you want to be.
  • Are ready to invest in yourself.
  • Are ready to work for what you want.
  • Would like to develop new habits. 









Welcome! We are Josy and Ray.

We are your transformation coaches with a combined experience of over 40 years of high level management, coaching, holistic and teaching experience.

Having spent the last 21 years as best friends our highest potential has called us to combine our skills into a potent and transformational blend  of coaching workshops designed to give you the transformation that your soul has been calling out for all of your life. 

We are in a time of incredible change and whilst on the surface, the world is in chaos, behind the scenes the stage is being set for a beautiful new time in humanities history. Perhaps the most exciting time to be alive ever!

Whether you realise it yet or not you have been born to experience this shift AND chances are if you are reading this you are somebody who is here to make a difference in the world.

Those who are awakening to new possibilities now are called to BE the change that they want to see in the world. To live their highest potential and together bring our dreams of a peaceful, cohesive, living world firmly into the reality.

This is the time for the many, not the few to thrive. To live healthy, abundant, successful lives, loved and supported. 

Are you ready to BE, DO AND HAVE everything that you have always dreamed of?

If so. Lets go!


Yes! I want to book my alignment call with Josy & Ray now

Our products are designed with your transformation in mind.

Sjoukje Gummels- One on one coaching

Wow!I have been working with Josy for a couple of months now and it has been absolutely amazing. She is has offered me so many insights, practical advice and action steps to undertake.
She is awesome to work with, full of positive energy and I feel really supported on all levels.
She has a great strategic insight and experience as well as a holistic approach which is really felt.
This one is a keeper and I am so happy to have found her.
I so look forward to each session where we expand and move towards manifesting the goals set.
I whole heartily recommend her services
Thank you Josy for being part of this next step of my journey/career

Abby Dorfdar- Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit

I've been using the emotional toolkit offered by Hive Minded Habits for several weeks now after purchasing a wellness present for myself, and I wanted to thank and congratulate Josy and Ray for such a powerful and life-changing product. With an easy to use and inspiring platform, you have access to various techniques across a wide range of teachings which are all utilised to benefit your mental health and emotional wellbeing. A yogi for many years but not knowing many other holistic approaches; I've found it so interesting to have these in one toolkit, and both Josy and Ray are natural teachers who INSPIRE in their beautiful sessions. Their charisma and passion is really felt in their work and these are techniques which you can easily incorporate into your daily life. It's opened a new world for me. I'm so excited to see further products, services and to be part of a Hive Minded Community in the future. Thank you for your great work. 

James Middlehurst- SME Coaching

"Josy has worked with us from early on in our business and has been part of taking us from doing what we love at home in our kitchen to an award-winning multiple 6 figure business. Her energy and expertise are always a welcome breath of fresh air and when she has worked with our staff they have left the workshops rejuvenated and inspired. We pride ourselves on creating a calm, supportive workplace and love to reward our team.  I would recommend working with her if you want a business with happy, productive people, all striving towards the same goals so that you can focus on growing your business and creating your empire."



Tash Turner- Body Confidence

"When I first walked into the dance studio in 2018, I was very nervous and doubted my abilities. I was greeted by a warm and friendly Ray, she was full of energy & enthusiasm with a huge smile on her face. By the end of that first session, I knew Ray was the perfect instructor for me. I'm inspired to do more in every lesson & Ray keeps that desire & fire burning brightly within me.
She applies the perfect blend of support, encouragement and infectious positivity. Ray embodies all that is wonderful and remarkable about the world of aerial fitness & dance.
Under her nurturing and attentive eye, my ability and confidence has soared, both in class & remarkably outside of the studio too. When it comes to the best instructors, I really have struck gold!"

Specifically for Models & The Fashion Industry

Following 20 years working in fashion, Josy has recognised the need for more wellbeing based practices being offered within the industry, specifically designed to address the problems that workers face every day. Models are regularly exposed to abusive or dangerous situations many of which are 'normalised' by those who control the system.  Bookers and agents often receive limited training so are ill-equipped to deal with the emotional needs of their young and vulnerable clients.  Widely unregulated, unscrupulous agencies and publications are rife, whilst those who are reputable and trustworthy overwhelmingly operate with a set of codes which urgently need bringing up to date to ensure that wellbeing for agents, staff, models and creatives are in line with profit. 


The Model Futures Network- The emotional, financial and future wellbeing of models. 

We are building interest for this program-focused specifically on bridging the gap between models current and future careers. The end of regular modelling work is inevitable for most models and with rock bottom self-esteem many struggle with their next step. Self-love, confidence, support and a framework for success are where it's at and we aim to provide just that.  There is some positive movement for change. Click here for a list of services currently available in London, New York and London for model wellbeing.

Discover more and register your interest

The Successful Model Series


The Successful Model Series & Model Me Time are a range of video coaching sessions with former agent Josy Rolls and holistic practitioner Ray Healey, providing you with solutions to some of the major problems that you models come across day after day. Each session is around 10 minutes long and is designed to share a quick but very effective tool that you can use straight away.

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